How to get a comic book movie into the hands of your kids

What do you do if you want your kids to love a comic?

You make it, right?

So why not just make it yourself?

Well, you can with this DIY project. 

What You Need for This DIY Comic Book Movie Project:The project is for adults. 

How to Get Your Comic Book in the Hands of Your KidsThe comic book needs to be in an appropriate format for the childrens age.

The book should not be overly large, because it should fit in your lap or in a pocket, and the kids should not need to pull out a book to see it.

You will need an appropriate set of scissors, a pencil, and a ruler to measure out the length of the book.

If you don’t already have one of these handy, you’ll need to buy one.

Cut out the outline for the book and lay it flat on a surface.

Start by making sure that the pencils are not in contact with each other, as they will be when they are used.

You want to lay the outline so that the outlines are not overlapping each other.

You want the book to be as smooth as possible, so carefully cut the pencil edges off the outline, making sure to not cut through the pages.

To make the book, use the ruler or a pencil to cut out the outlines for each page.

You’ll want to do this to make sure that each page has the proper amount of space.

Once you have the book cut out, you will need to remove the pencil lines from the pages and draw a line across the bottom of the page.

If you do not have a ruler, you should have one lying around somewhere.

You can use a piece of paper and draw your outline as close to the line as you can get it.

Then, measure out where the line will be, then draw it with the ruler.

Draw your outline in one direction and the pencil in the other, so that you are tracing the outline from one line to the other.

Once you have done this, you want to mark the top and bottom of your page so that they match up.

You may want to use tape to hold your pencil in place so that it doesn’t slip out of place. 

Once you mark the page, you are ready to make your book.

You don’t need to cut the pages down to size; you can just cut them up to the size you need.

There are a few different ways to do it.

Start with the pages that you have already cut down to make a book, and then, you could cut them out as shown.

Or, you may want your book to fit snugly in a notebook, so you can mark it later on when you are making it.

The only rule is that you want a minimum of 3 pages, so make sure you are cutting them to fit the page count.

I usually use a 1.5″ x 3″ piece of notebook paper to make my comic book books.

Make the Book with a PencilThis is a little trickier than the pencil version, but it is also super easy.

You need to make the outline of the comic book, but don’t worry, it is super simple.

First, you need to use a pencil.

Cut the pencil out and place it in the middle of the outline.

Next, mark where you want the outline to be. 

Now, make a mark on the top of the pages you just made.

This is where you will place the book on the page you are going to make.

Now, draw the outline again.

The outline should be the same size as the pencil outline.

You might need to move it around, so the outline is in the right place.

Use a Pen to Make the BookNow you are all set, but if you don.

you can still use scissors to cut and mark the pages to make them fit snug. 

You may need to add a few extra pencils to the outline if you are doing this with the pencil. 

After you are done, you just want to draw the next line on the outline and mark it.

Once done, cut out your book and give it to your children. 

The DIY Comic book Movie Project can be completed in about an hour.

You could also just buy the pencil and cut it out yourself, but the process is easier and more fun. 

I am very happy with this project, and I look forward to doing more DIY projects for my kids. 

Happy crafting!

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