Which books did Stephen King finally publish in 2018?

A lot of people were excited to see the second volume of Stephen King’s Surface Book 2, and that included some people who worked on his first novel.

But now, the book that inspired the first King book has been delayed, at least for now.

King’s second Surface Book, which has just been released in paperback, is slated to hit shelves on September 15.

It was originally scheduled to arrive this fall, but a new batch of revisions resulted in a delay.

As a result, King’s book is now scheduled to debut on September 16.

The Surface Book sequel will also feature the same three main characters: Stephen King, Stephen King Jr. and his daughter, Malachi.

The book is set in a world in which the Earth has been under threat from an alien race called the Kree.

The story follows Malachi as she is transported to a distant world, where she discovers her mother’s secret.

The first book in the Surface Book series, the first book to be published in the book series, was released in 2015.

It had a lot of hype surrounding it, but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to expectations.

King’s books were not as successful as he had hoped, so many publishers passed on publishing his books.

King has not shared any official word on when he’ll be able to revisit the Surface Books.