What You Need To Know About John Grisham’s New Twilight Book

John Grissam is a longtime, beloved American writer.

He’s been a best-selling author for over 50 years, and he’s still in the business of writing stories and novels.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Grishams’ son asked the author about his most recent book, Twilight, and how it influenced him as a writer.

“I’m really proud of it.

I think it’s a very personal book, and it’s about something very important to me,” Grishamps said.

“You can tell that it’s written by a lot of people that are all kind of connected, and they’re all in different places, and you have all these characters coming from all these different places.”

When Grishamp spoke about his latest book, he was asked about some of the influences on it.

“Well, I think one of the great things about writing is that I’m very good at connecting with the reader and feeling like I can bring people together,” Gris said.

And he added that the most important thing for him is that his story stays true to his own personal experience.

“It’s not a retelling of my own life, but I think I do think that if people really feel what I’ve been going through in my life and my family life, and what my family is going through, then they’re going to feel a sense of empathy with me,” he said.