When we have children, we don’t need to look back to books to learn about our culture

New Scientist has revealed that the world doesn’t need books as a blueprint for understanding our cultures.

Instead, it needs books to help us “connect to the natural world”, and we should take advantage of our children’s natural curiosity to explore the world in an engaging way, the magazine said.

New Scientist’s annual book review survey is an annual effort to examine books and the culture that surrounds them.

The results are published every year.

In 2016, the survey asked respondents whether they considered books to be important for the education of children.

Only 37 per cent said yes, while 46 per cent of those who said yes were unaware that they did not need to read books to study the world.

This year’s survey also asked children how much they enjoyed reading books, and the answer was very different from last year.

More than one-third of those surveyed said they had a lot of interest in reading books while just 17 per cent enjoyed reading at all.

Only 3 per cent agreed that books should be a prerequisite for children to learn the world, while 25 per cent felt that books were just for reading.

In the book review, researchers said children are often too distracted by their devices to study properly, and it was “very important” to get them out of their devices.

It is also important to teach children that books can be an extension of the real world, and not simply a “textbook”.

The magazine said that children should not feel intimidated by books, as they can be “highly effective for their own learning and enjoyment”.

It said books have a “special place in the world”, with one-fifth of children saying they are “willing and able to learn something new in the book”.

However, there are times when they do not.

The magazine suggested parents should be willing to read to their children and encourage them to find their own answers, but should also be careful not to push them too far.

New Science said the best way to teach kids to read is by showing them the stories and characters that are most important to them.

This means encouraging children to listen to the stories of the world around them, rather than just “following the story lines”.

“For young readers, books offer a chance to explore more of the story-lines they are familiar with and explore their own unique perspectives on them,” the magazine noted.

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