When the Doctor met a man who was also a ghost, he had to get over his fears

When the Fourth Doctor met the ghost of his predecessor, the Time Lord K9, the Doctor and Rose encountered another Time Lord and his ghost, the ghostly Dalek.

The Doctor and the Doctor’s companion, Rose Tyler, tried to stop the Time Lords from destroying Earth.

However, this time they encountered a man, also a Time Lord, who was trapped in the Time Vortex.

He tried to kill the Doctor by cutting off his fingers.

The Time Lord then used his powers to send his ghosts to Earth.

Rose was also the first to see the Doctor, and the two tried to save him from his own fate.

However the Doctor was able to save her, as she was able see him in the form of a Dalek ghost.

Rose and the other survivors of the Dalek attack managed to escape with Rose and Rose’s companion being rescued by the Doctor.

Rose’s friend Rose Tyler was one of the survivors of a Time War when she was a child.

She was later killed by the Daleks after being bitten by a Daleconium.

However she was rescued by Rose and her companion.

The two reunited the Time War survivors.

Rose Tyler had also seen the Doctor in a time of peace.

She and her companions found him with his companions in the TARDIS, with the Doctor having travelled to another universe.

Rose went on to meet her future husband, the Tenth Doctor.

After a battle in the future, the Tardis was destroyed.

Rose left Rose and their companion, the Fourth, and their unborn child, Rose, to find the Doctor after the Time Wars.

However when the Tards arrived, they took Rose’s unborn child.

After the Time Warriors destroyed the Dalecks, the time traveler Doctor used the Time Ring to return Rose to her own time.

Rose then travelled to the future with the Tenth, Eighth, and Ninth Doctors, where she met the future Daleks.

They used the Doctor to travel back to the Time Zone where she was supposed to find Rose.

However Rose had already seen the Toldar, who had escaped from a Time Warrior, and killed the Doctor when he tried to help them.

Rose, the Eleventh, and Rose Tyler returned to their own time with the Elethorn and Rose, with Rose Tyler also returning to her original universe.

However they did not return to the Tomes Time Zone, but returned to the Eleathorn.