Recode talks to the most powerful woman in tech, Kara Swisher, to help explain the power of the “glass ceiling”

Kara Swish, the CEO of Recode, is the most influential woman in the tech industry.

And she was a guest on the Recode podcast.

The conversation was part of Recodes “The 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech” podcast.

In the podcast, Swish talked about the “tough” job she does, how she got to where she is, and what she’s learned over her career.

In a conversation with Recode CEO Kara Swin, Swisher discusses the “Glass Ceiling” and how she became the “most powerful woman” in the technology industry.

She talks about how the gender pay gap impacts her and how women in tech are “not only empowered, but more powerful than we are.”

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