How to sell your Christian book distributor

The nightingales are back in town, with a vengeance.

The Christian Book Distributors Association, which represents Christian book distributors, announced Monday that it had received more than 1,400 complaints of inappropriate or discriminatory behavior from Christians who sold their books through Amazon and other distributors.

“We have seen the overwhelming number of complaints,” said Paul Covington, the association’s president.

“We have also seen people who have sold their own books in these same distributors, who have been told to go sell their own book, and who have found their book being sold at a book fair.”

Amazon is not the only company that is facing criticism for allowing sellers to sell books that promote a particular ideology.

In October, the National Book Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports books that teach critical thinking and critical thinking skills, filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights over a policy allowing booksellers to sell textbooks that glorify Adolf Hitler, a racist and a mass murderer.

And earlier this month, the NAACP filed a federal lawsuit against the retailer.

The complaint said Amazon is “promoting its book business to children as a way to exploit their ignorance and gullibility to sell its books at book fairs.”

The NAACP has also been fighting against Amazon’s practices at book festivals, which it claims have been disproportionately targeted by groups that promote hate.