‘God’s Not Dead’: The Bible is a Myth

Christians are using the book of Genesis to justify their belief that the universe is predestined to end.

But what does the Bible say about what happens next?

The Christian Bible is divided into six books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Deuteronomics.

Here’s what they all say about the end of the world.


The Bible says God created the universe 6,000 years ago, but it doesn’t say how long God has been waiting.

The literal text of Genesis says that God created a world in six days, but that’s not how the story is written.

“If we are to interpret Genesis, we need to interpret the context of the text,” says Daniel Dennett, a professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago.

“There are a lot of ways to interpret this text.

The context could be the fact that the heavens were created from nothing.

That would make sense.

Or it could be that God is waiting for a moment when the heavens will be empty, and then He will bring everything into being.”

The text doesn’t specify when or where the world will end.

The text says that if a man is killed in the work of a god, the work will be completed.

If a man dies in the act of creating the world, the universe will end with God.


The word “famine” is a translation from Greek.

The Greek word for “fart,” fyren, literally means “foul.”

That’s what the word famine means.

It’s also what Greek philosopher Plato called the “fertile soil.”

But that doesn’t mean the earth will go into a famine.

It means the earth itself will go under.

When the earth is full, it will dry up, the rain will fall, and crops will grow.

The Earth will continue to support life.


God created all the worlds on Earth 6,300 years ago.

The six books of the Bible are divided into seven sections: Genesis (beginning), Exodus (middle), LeviticUS (end), Numbers (begin), DeuterOS (end) and DeuteroHS (middle).

There are also sections of Genesis in the Old Testament, which say God created animals, plants, and birds.

The Hebrew word for animals is hag and the Greek word is kraken.

The term hag means to break or separate.

The Old Testament says that the first human being was a shepherd.

When he fell into a bad place, he ate worms and scorpions.

When people see that, they think of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve ate plants.

The Garden of God is also a place where Adam ate all the plants and animals, and the animals died because of their hunger.

The animals didn’t die because they couldn’t live anymore, but because they were hungry.


God caused the Flood to occur 6,500 years ago in six separate catastrophes.

The flood occurred on January 1, 6,600 BC, when the waters of the Great Flood overflowed the Red Sea and entered the Red Desert of Arabia.

The Great Flood was a major catastrophe, but the world was still relatively peaceful.

People ate their way out of the famine.

They didn’t have to eat again.


There was no flood before the Flood.

God didn’t cause the flood to happen in the first place.

In the Bible, there’s a scene where Noah and his family are eating at the Ark when God calls to Noah and tells him to go get a boat.

Noah has a problem.

He doesn’t have a boat because he has been eating worms and spiders.

Noah says, “I don’t want to eat them.”

God replies, “What do you want to do?

You’ve got a boat, so you’ve got nothing to fear.”

So Noah does what all humans do when they think they’re going to die.

He climbs into the boat.

He sits on the bottom of the boat, which is filled with mud.

God tells him, “If you are sitting on the mud, you can walk through it, but if you are on the water, you will drown.”

The Bible doesn’t explain how the flood came about.


God says He has anointed Adam and all the animals to go down into the Flood waters and eat their way through the water.

There is no way to explain how God made Adam and his brothers eat worms and what animals they ate.

God said, “You must go down to the Floodwaters and eat of the water creatures and the birds that you see in the water and then I will make you into the nations that you are going to be.”

So Adam and the other animals went down and ate worms, scorpions, and other animals.

And God made them into nations.

Adam and Noah didn’t eat again, but God made the rest of the animals.


God made all the creatures to die and then take their