Book quotes from the Trump era

In his first year in office, President Donald Trump has used a handful of controversial quotes in his speeches.

Here’s a look at some of them: “It’s a rigged system.”

“We need a good government, and we need a strong, independent judiciary.”

“I’ve always been a big fan of the Supreme Court, and I think they have done a tremendous job.

They’ve been extremely fair.”

“When you have two sides of the same coin, they’re going to do that.

If you put two different sides of a coin on the Supreme, they can do anything.”

“They are the real deal, and they’re the real thing.”

“The only thing we’re doing right now, they say, is we’re going after ISIS.

But we’re also going after everybody.

We’re going into their homes, we’re looking at their families, we are going after their people.

And it’s a disgrace.”

“Don’t be fooled.

They don’t give a damn about the people.

They’re just trying to make a buck.”

“No one likes to lose, especially the rich people.”

“You don’t have to be a politician to know that there is a special interest group.

They love to play the politics of division.”

“If you want to get something done, you have to have a little patience.

You have to put your hand on the reset button, and you have the power to do it.”

“What’s going to happen to our country?

You have a problem.”

“There is a big difference between being angry and being frustrated.

You can be angry at the world, and that’s fine.

But you have got to be patient.

You’ve got to wait for a better day.”

“It will take a long time to change.

But I am going to tell you this, you will change very quickly.”

“A little bit of patience, a little bit, is a lot.”

“People are angry and frustrated.

They are not going to like a certain policy.

They will not like the idea of a certain president saying something that they disagree with.

But they are going to support it.”

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